Hello Level 4! We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 8 October at 10:00AM on Microsoft Teams for an introduction to Task 2 of your module AGP400. Please join us in the General meeting area of Microsoft Teams Group, L4 TASK 2 GD + ILL, using this join code:


We will be all together at 10:00AM in the General meeting area to give you your Task 2 brief. At 11:00AM the Graphic Design students will have their first seminar, and at 12:00 we will see the Illustration students for their first seminar.

Please bring ONE image that interests you and relates to your work; it could be something that you made or have used as inspiration. Bring it to the online seminar on your laptop or phone, so that you can share it with the group and tell us about it in our LIVE Microsoft Teams session. 

Look at your online timetable for your AGP400 Task 2 Group number and the name of your Tutor, and watch this short video introducing the Task 2 / CCS Teaching Team: