Hello all,

Details below about the Assessment Weeks (which are classified as Non Teaching Weeks i.e self directed study)

(Weeks 15 and 16: 25th January to 5th February)

While the staff team are busy assessing, you are given the following task to complete:

Personal Project Preparation: Research and Investigation: An Exercise in Curiosity. See link: https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/documents/

The requirements of the above task is to identify and develop a theme of personal interest that will form the basis of your Personal Project (Module AGP403), which will be briefed next Semester on Monday 22nd  February 2021.

Various Personal Project Tutorial sessions will be scheduled in Semester 2. These sessions will provide the opportunity for you to discuss the development of your Personal Project (Module AGP403). Also during Semester 2, there will be 3 Idea Generation workshops to help you evolve and realise your Personal Project outcomes.

We will forward the Semester 2 Planner soon, so please keep checking your emails and the Level 4 Blog.

Many thanks

Simon / Level 4 Staff Team