Hello all, 

Details below about next week  (Week 10: 30th Nov – 4th Dec)

Monday 30th Nov

– Online Briefing: Project 4: Let There Be Light Part 2 by Simon Emery. Link to brief optionshttps://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/documents/

this will take place at 10.00 am sharp on Microsoft Teams (Group-LEVEL FOUR GRAPHICS – General), https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/teams/

Tuesday 1st Dec

Studio 250: 16mm Film Workshop with Louise Colbourne

– AM Group A, PM Group B. Link to groups on Blog: https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/documents/

Group A and B to collect materials for workshops planned between 4th Dec and 18th Dec (materials will be placed in the studio for collection)

Online: Let There Be Light Part 2; Sign Up Group Tutorials https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/sign-ups/

Please note that attendance is mandatory.

Group C with Ally Waller, Group D with Simon Emery, 

Wednesday 2nd Dec

– Continue with set project work (remotely). Remember to refer to the Blog for videos, links and resources. https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains

Make a start on your Designed Digital PDF Portfolio, set up a basic grid system, refer to Gavin Ambrosias talk on Grids and re watch the briefing presentation: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/c22745ce-6155-41ad-bef3-f2b380964f88

– Here are some useful video links for Adobe Indesign for Beginners from the Tech Hub: https://studentcentral.brighton.ac.uk/webapps/blackboard/content/listContentEditable.jsp?content_id=_3685311_1&course_id=_117499_1

– See also LinkedIn Learning videos re InDesign lessons (need to sign in with your uni username and password)


Thursday 3rd Dec

– CCS Online (Cultural Critical Studies) Link to Blog: https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/task-two-documents/

Please check emails from CCS staff team for updates

4:30pm Professional Practice talk on Microsoft Teams. This weeks talk is by Chloe Legret https://chloelegret.com 

Friday 4th Dec

Studio 150: 16mm Film Workshop with Louise Colbourne

– AM Group C, PM Group D Link to groups on Blog: https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/documents/

Group C and D to collect materials for workshops planned between 4th Dec and 18th Dec (materials will be placed in the studio for collection)

Online: Crit Project 4: Let There Be Light Part 2 (please upload work onto the Level 4 PADLET board: https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/online-studio-padlet/

Option 1: ‘Design Application and Context’ please present work relating to your chosen product e.g book jacket, poster, music packaging, branding etc etc.

Option 2: ‘Sound and Vision’, please upload link e.g Vimeo or YouTube so that we can view your video clip.

– AM Group A upload for 10am, Group D upload for 11.30am

– PM Group B upload for 2pm, Group C upload for 3.30pm

Please comment on each others work. At 4.30 there will be a general overview of the work with Simon Emery and Ally Waller



Your studio plans will stay the same until the 4th of December. 

IMPORTANT: STUDIO PLANNER UPDATE  https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/documents/

You are being asked to travel home on the 6th of December.

From Week 11: Monday 7th December: ALL TEACHING WILL BE DELIVERED ONLINE

– Please complete the Module Evaluation questionnaire for Modules AGP400 and AGP401 (which will be emailed), your feedback and suggestions helps us to improve the course. We value your feedback (thanks).

– The materials for any workshops planned between the 4th of December -18th December will be waiting for you in the studio to take home in your final in person sessions in the studio before building closure. You can therefore collect these materials on Tuesday 1st Dec (Groups A and B)  or Friday 4th Dec (Groups C and D).

– Visit the shop Magazine Brighton (if open after Lockdown restrictions are lifted). It is located on 23 Trafalgar Street, https://magazinebrighton.com  This is a good place to purchase a stylish well designed magazine for the forthcoming Devils in the Detail workshop in Week 11

– Continue to digitise all your development work i.e photographing / scanning pages from your sketchbooks for inclusion into your AGP400 PDF Portfolio (along with final project outcomes, research and critical self reflection for each project).

– Useful books on Grids (for help with your PDF Portfolio)

Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Joseph Muller-Brockman

Basic Design: Grids by Ambrose / Harris

Basic Design: Layout by Ambrose / Harris

The Designer and the Grid by Lucienne Roberts / Julia Thrift

Visual Quickstart Guide to InDesign by Sandeeps Cohen

– ADDITIONAL SCREEN-PRINT SESSIONS. For those of you who missed out on screen-printing in the studio (due to Self-Isolating) here are some additional sessions that you can sign up to with Jane Sampson, (click the link below or go to the Sign ups section of the Level 4 Blog)

Friday 4th Dec GD in 250 level 4

Friday 15th Jan GD in 250 level 4  (This is dependent on Government Lockdown advice)


Simon Emery / Ally Waller / Louise Colbourne /  Gavin Ambrose / Phil Taylor / Level 4 Staff Team

BA (Hons) Graphic Design