> Please can everyone set up their very own Padlet Board. Its Free!
Visit: padlet.com

You should already be signed up, we asked you to do this before submitting work to the level 4 online studio board – so just sign in and go ahead and make your own board. Give it a title.

You can share your Padlet board to show work in progress during tutorials and group reviews. Scan in sketchbook pages and upload digital files in the order you want to discuss.

Your board can then be viewed by your tutor and peers by sharing the link in the chat panel. This will avoid tech issues with sharing screens and reviewing work.

02 Be prepared. Please always make sure you are ready to show work and use your feedback time productively.

03 Be professional. Please make sure your camera is on and you are ready to join in group reviews and tutorials at your designated time slots.

04 keep camera and microphone off for larger talks and briefings.

05 If you are unable to attend a scheduled review or tutorial please notify your tutor via email before your designated time slot.