Hi everyone,

This week’s Task 2 / CCS session is on Thursday 22 October. 

To prepare for the Seminar, please watch Tim Satterthwait’s Pre-Recorded Lecture, about Photography and Time, which will be available from Tuesday afternoon. Also, please read the Seminar Text, which is an excerpt from Liz Wells, “Case Study: Image analysis: the example of Migrant Mother”. Photography: A Critical Introduction. London: SAGE Publications. 2001. 35-45.

Find both of these on My Studies, in the module AGP400, in Study Materials and the Task 2 folder and this week’s folder. 

Now you will be prepared for the Live Online Seminar: please join your Seminar Group, Graphic Design at 11am and Illustration at 12 noon. 

If you do not know which Seminar Group to join, have a look at your Online Timetable and find the name of your Task 2 Seminar Tutor, each has a channel in the MSTeam “L4 Task 2 GD + ILL”.

Any questions, either contact your Seminar Tutor or contact me, telling me which course you are in and the name of your Seminar Tutor.

Thanks, Liz