Hello all, 

Details below about next week, Semester 2 (Week 9: 26th to 30th April)

Monday 26th April

– Online: 10am: Assessment Briefing for AGP402, AGP403

IMPORTANT: Please be ready for the briefing which will commence at 10am sharpon Microsoft Teams (Group-LEVEL FOUR GRAPHICS – General), https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/teams/

Tuesday 27th April

– Online: AGP403: Workshop 3: 10am to 1pm with Simon Emery

ALL GROUPS: The workshop will commence at 10am sharp for all groups on Microsoft Teams NOTE THIS IS A LIVE WORKSHOP AND WILL NOT BE RECORDED 

(Group-LEVEL FOUR GRAPHICS General), https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/teams/

–You will need your sketchbooks / paper and a range of different coloured pens. Some of the tasks will require you to discuss the work produced with a fellow student. Consider who you would like to team up with for this purpose. After each task is completed, please upload your work to the Personal Project Padlet Board: https://padlet.com/contact1828/exycwff6y45dm206

– Online: 2pm to 4pm AGP403: Personal Project Sign Up Tutorials with either Simon and Ally (the tutorials will run from the specific tutor’s sub channel on Teams) Please note that there will be further opportunity to discuss your Personal Project on the 11th May during the Module Reviews for AGP402 / AGP403.

Wednesday 28th April

– Continue with set project work (remotely) AGP402: Project 3 Speculative Semester Book / Alternative Museum of Graphic Design / AGP403 Personal Project

Thursday 29th April

– CCS Online (Cultural Critical Studies) Link to Blog: https://l4graphicdesign.viscomsa.brighton.domains/task-two-documents/

– Please check emails from CCS staff team for updates

4:30pm Professional Practice Talk on Microsoft Teams. This weeks talk is by Ollie Silvester. Olliesilvester.co.uk

Link to Professional Practice Talks: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/ team/19%3a8c69b2c630c74e5c869f02c1c2eee56a%40thread.tacv2/ conversations?groupId=b39a6fff-38eb-408c-ac1e-410f06a26cb0&tenantId=a900bb90- 94fe-4658-8b34-dd72084c5064 

Friday 30th April

– Online: AGP402 Pitch Presentation for ‘The Alternative Museum of Graphic Design’. This will be in the form of a 5 minute presentation (as if for real to the museum). Group Pitch times will be forwarded.

Collect your Riso Publication!

You will have the opportunity to collect your Riso Publication from studio 150 at Grande Parade.

Specific times for you to collect will be emailed to you next week. If you can not collect because you are not in Brighton, please ask someone to collect for you or put your name on the following document.


– Office Hour Sign-Ups: Simon: Mondays 4pm-5pm,  Ally: Tuesdays 4pm-5pm,  Katie: Tuesdays 4pm-5pm


Simon Emery / Ally Waller / Louise Colbourne / Katie Evans / Ollie Tyrell / Level 4 Staff Team