Hello Level 4, 

We hope you are settling in well and have enjoyed your welcome week activities so far.  

As per the Welcome week plan in the document section today you have some talks and videos from the library, Student Support Guidance Tutors, Student Services Finance team and some helpful links and resources to look through. 

You can watch here how to book and use the library here.  

There is information available here on applying for hardship funds and money advice plus a talk about money here from Student Services. 

There is information here on Digital Hardship Fund, and software. You can also read here about applying for a broadband fund, and book computer spaces in pooled rooms around the university plus guidance on software. Scroll down to the pink tabs. You can clickhere to get heavily discounted Adobe Suite for £30 a year. 

Your technical teams website is here, and information about them here

There is detail here on mental health and wellbeing support available, a welcome video here from your Student Support Guidance Tutors, and information on specialist support here, and extra help and support here

Student support services are available both online and through booked face-to-face sessions, with advice and guidance on everything from study skills to managing your money. 

You’ll be able to access wellbeing support, including 24/7 counselling via Togetherall, and be able to speak to your Student Support and Guidance Tutor on any personal issues or anxieties

Students’ Union are also providing their full range of support services in addition to all of the usual social activities and student societies.

If you are having any IT issues please email Servicedesk@brighton.ac.uk

We will see you online Friday at 2pm here, then at 5pm on Friday please bring your party poppers, and your masks to our live meeting on your level 4 team here

Any questions please email

Sarah Langford 

Course Leader