Hello all,

As we are in an ongoing and evolving situation it is important to ensure you are checking your emails regularly for important communications and developments. 

You received an email last Friday from Debra Humphris Vice Chancellor detailing new government guidance for the University. Today I have been asked to send you the following important information with confirmed dates below: 

Following the Vice-Chancellor’s email to you about our plans to move to remote learning and confirmation of the final date for face to face teaching, we can now confirm that for all courses in the School of Art, including ours, this will be the Friday 4 December. From this point all delivery will be done remotely and there will be no on-site teaching or learning in any School of Art studios or workshops for the remainder of this term. All supporting materials for your learning will be available via the The course blogs/My Studies area/ your Teams sites, and you will of course be able to continue to access central university services such as online library, SSGT and Student Information support remotely.

We can also now confirm that, in line with Government guidance, the recommended travel day for all School of Art courses including BA Graphic Design will be Sunday 6 December and you are strongly encouraged to make any plans for departing Brighton in line with this date. Please do familiarise yourself with the FAQs on Guidance post-November lockdown which are available at: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/about-us/news-and-events/coronavirus/faqs-for-brighton-students.aspx

It has now been confirmed that the University will be part of the Government asymptomatic testing programme, but in the first instance there will be a limit on the number of tests that we will receive and will therefore be able to provide on-site. The University is working through the detail of how the tests will be undertaken at Brighton, and will continue to provide updates on this and plans for the end of term more generally, so please look out for further emails.

To confrirm all is clear:

Your studio plans will stay the same until after the 4th of December (Updated Studio plan has been uploaded in post below)

You are being asked to travel home on the 6th of December.

From the 7th of December everything will move online. 

The materials for any workshops planned between the 4th of December -18th December will be waiting for you in the studio to take home in your final in person sessions in the studio before building closure. (See weekly emails from your level coordinator for more information on this) 

We understand this will be disappointing news to many of you. We are being guided by the Government here and must follow guidance and rules to ensure you are able to safely return to your families and loved ones for Christmas.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Please look after yourselves and each other, and email with any questions or concerns. I will email you all again with any updates when I have them.

Sarah Langford 

Course Leader

BA Graphic Design

University of Brighton