Dear Level 4,

Update on Course Leader Role from the 30th of April ->

I am writing to let you know that I will be leaving the University of Brighton on the 30th of April. Gavin Ambrose will be stepping into the Course Leader role from the beginning of May (4th). Ideally I would have let you all know in person, but as that wasn’t possible, please accept my apologies for letting you know in an email/ on the blog.

If you wish to apply for an extension for this Semester, and for all other course leader queries you can send these requests to me until the 30th of April, from the 4th of May you will need to email Gavin Ambrose. Further details on applying for extensions will be in your assessment briefing after Easter. 

Update on studios from the 19th of April ->

You will receive an email this week with further information about studios reopening on the 19th of April. To confirm, all teach will remain online (your studio plan will remain the same) in addition to what is detailed in your studio plan you will get access to the studios from the 19th of April. We have put more equipment in the studios so that you can be in making around your online activities. Further information on how you will be able to access and use the studios if you are in Brighton are to come via email this week.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the brighter and warmer days.

Any questions please ask – email here.

Sarah Langford

Course Leader 

BA Graphic Design 

University of Brighton