See below from Liz :

“Hi everyone,

This is to remind you about the Task 2 / CCS Session this week, on Thursday 15 October. There is a Pre-Recorded Lecture to watch and a Seminar to attend, with some Preparation to do in advance.

Please watch Nicola Ashmore’s Lecture, “Arts and Crafts: From the Suffragettes to the Minei Movement”. It is available in 3 parts, so you can watch and take a break between each part. The Lecture is available on My Studies, in the module AGP400, in Study Materials and the Task 2 folder.

Please prepare for the Seminar this week by taking one or two of the Brighton Tours; see the Tour worksheets in the folder inside the Task 2 folder. Document your walks in words and/or images, and be ready to share some of that material and talk about it in the Seminar Group. This is an informal exercise to get you exploring the city and thinking about how you document spaces and places. Make sure you are able to upload any image you want to show to the “chat” stream on MSTeams.

We will be meeting in the same MSTeam as last week, “L4 Task 2 GD + ILL”, in your Seminar Tutor’s channel, and if you haven’t yet joined, the code is kfl0yva.

Graphic Design meets at 11am and Illustration meets at 12 noon. Any questions please get in touch with your Seminar Tutor, or with me, letting me know your Course and Seminar Group.

Thanks, Liz “