Hi all,

This week’s Task 2 / CCS session is on Thursday 29 October. Please prepare by watching Uschi Klein’s Pre-Recorded Lecture, “The Bauhaus: Contradictions and the Legacy of Female Staff and Students”, and by watching the Seminar Broadcast, Bauhaus 100, Directed by Mat Whitecross, BBC4, which is available through Box of Broadcasts in the Online Library and via this link:


The Pre-Recorded Lecture will be available by Tuesday afternoon, on My Studies, in module AGP400, in the Study Materials / Task 2 folder. If you do not manage to prepare for this Seminar, please come along anyway as you will be informed by the discussion, and we will talking about Study Skills and how to find good quality sources for your research. 

The Live Online Seminars will run from 11am for Graphic Design and from 12 noon for Illustration on Thursday morning. Join your Seminar Group channel through MSTeams, “L4 Task 2 GD + ILL”. If you have experienced difficulties joining this Team, please let me know as soon as possible, not on Thursday morning when I will be teaching.

Please check your Online Timetables to confirm which Task 2 Seminar Group you are in and if there is any confusion, please contact me. Any problems, you may contact your Task 2 Seminar Tutor or myself, telling me which course you are on and the group you are in. Thanks, Liz

PS: The joining code is kfl0yva