Hello everyone,

This week’s Task 2 / CCS session is on Thursday 29 April, starting at 11am with the Graphic Design Seminar. This will run on MSTeams in the Group-L4 Task 2 GD + ILL, in your Seminar Tutor’s channel.

In the session, your Seminar Tutor will talk through a Study Skills PowerPoint addressing your assignment feedback queries, so as to help you fulfil this semester’s Task 2 / CCS assignment.

Please review your written feedback from the last Task 2 / CCS assignment, which is available on My Studies, and if you have any questions, please bring those to the Seminar session.

The Study Skills PowerPoint will be available after the session, for your reference, in the Task 2 / CCS Study Materials folder for this module, AGP402.

Any questions or problems, please contact your Seminar Tutor, or Liz or Nicola. 

Thanks, Liz and Nicola