Hi all, 

This week’s Pre-Recorded Lecture is now available to watch; Jo PIlcher is talking about, “Statues and Monuments: Messages and Meanings Conveyed through Public Displays of Memorial.” After you have watched this lecture we would like to invite you to take the Monuments Tour around Brighton either in person or virtually.

Both are now available in the Task 2 / CCS folder in Study Materials for this module; in the folder entitled: 2nd Week, Task 2, 25 Feb 2021: Statues and Monuments.

Please prepare for this Task 2 / CCS session as, each week, the Lecture and Seminar activity will help you to better understand the Assignment Brief.

There is no Seminar this week. Instead, your Semester 1 Task 2 / CCS Assignment grade and feedback will be available from 9am on Thursday 25 February. If you would like to discuss the feedback with your Seminar Tutor, please email them to request a tutorial, which will be on Thursday.

If you have any questions, or want to let us know about any circumstances that mean you will not be able to attend, please get in touch with your Seminar Tutor or email Liz or Nicola.

Thanks, Nicola