Hi all,

We have a Pre-Recorded Lecture and some preparation for the Task 2 / CCS session this week. Please WATCH Tim Satterthwaite’s lecture, “Protest, Propaganda and Sales”, and READ two short essays by Roland Barthes, a key author for all things semiotics.

WHERE on My Studies in Study Materials, Task 2 / CCS folder, in the folder entitled: 3rd Week, Task 2, 4 March 2021: Protest, Propaganda and Sales

WHEN the Pre-Recorded Lecture will be available later on today around 2pm, Tuesday 2 March.

NOW the readings are in the folder already from Roland Barthes’ book Mythologies:

Soap Powders and Detergents

The New Citroen

SEMINARS are the same times as last week, check your timetables for a reminder. They will run in your usual seminar group channels, found in the same MSTeams Group-L4 Task 2 GD + ILL.

Any questions or problems, please contact Liz or Nicola, or you Seminar Tutor.