Hi everyone,

Welcome back and please come along to our last teaching session of Semester 1, this Thursday 21 January at 11am.

Please log into MSTeams Group ”L4 Task 2 GD + ILL” before 11am, for a prompt start on the hour. Jo Pilcher will be delivering a Live Lecture, titled, “Display as a Narrative: Reading Displays”. This lecture aims to start you thinking about different forms of display in anticipation of next semester’s Task 2 / CCS teaching and assignment. We will be opening up the Chat function and taking questions at the end of the lecture.

There will not be a Seminar, so please come along to the Live Lecture where you may ask questions too.

You will be seeing your Task 2 / CCS Seminar Tutor again in Semester 2 on Thursday 18 February; and we will be in touch before then with details of that session and the Task 2 / CCS Programme for Semester 2.

Any problems, please contact your Seminar Tutor or Nicola or Liz. 

Thanks, Nicola and Liz