Hi all,

This week and next – Thursday 18 March and Thursday 25 March, the Task 2 / CCS session will be given over to one-to-one tutorials.

Your Task 2 /CCS Seminar Tutor will contact you via University Email, letting you know how the session will be arranged, and organising a time for your tutorial. 

Each student will have one tutorial to discuss the Task 2 / CCS Assignment for this Semester. Please regularly check your email so you can reply to their message.

Prior to the tutorial we ask that you read the Assignment Brief again and consider how you are going to answer it; please bring along an image of a chosen piece of Visual Communication to discuss during your tutorial.

The Assignment Brief may be found in Study Materials, Task 2 / CCS folder for this module, AGP402.

Any questions or issues, please contact your Seminar Tutor, or Nicola or Liz. Thanks, Liz