Hi everyone,

This week’s Task 2 / CCS session is on Thursday 11 March.

To prepare for it, please watch Uschi Klein’s Pre-Recorded Lecture (in three parts), on “The Storefront as a form of Display”.

Please also read the PDF excerpt by Anandi Ramamurthy, “Photography and commodity culture” in Photography: a critical introduction. Liz Wells. (ed.). Abingdon: Routledge, 2001.169-173. 

Both of these are to be found on My Studies, in the Study Materials, Task 2 / CCS folder for this module, AGP402. The material is arranged by date in folders, so look for “4th Week, Task 2, 11 March”.

The Graphic Design Seminar will start at 11am, in the MSTeams Group-L4 Task 2 GD + ILL.

Any problems or questions, please contact your Task 2 / CCS Seminar Tutor, or email Liz or Nicola. Thanks, Liz