Hello everyone, 

This week’s Task 2 / CCS session runs on Thursday 20 May, with the Graphic Design Live Remote Seminar starting at 11am; except for Group 3, Seminar Tutor, Uschi Klein’s Graphic Design Seminar that starts at 2pm.

Before the seminar, please prepare by watching Nicola Ashmore’s Pre-Recorded Lecture, “Collecting the Self”. It is in three parts so you may have a break between sections, and is available in the Study Materials, Task 2 / CCS folder for this module, in a folder labelled, “Week 12 / Thursday 20 May”.

The Live Remote Seminar on MSTeams will be an Object Handling Seminar. Preparation – Select and bring along an object that you have collected. Find the Object Handling Worksheet in the Task 2 / CCS folder for this module and work through it. 

We will discuss your objects in the Seminar; but if you are unable to do this preparation, please come along to the Seminar as it be better to attend than not.

Any problems or issues, please contact your Seminar Tutor, or Nicola and Liz. 

Thanks, Nicola and Liz